Idaho Hot Springs

Bonneville Hot Springs in Idaho - Boise National Forest

At the end of a leisurely 0.25-mile stroll through the bountiful Boise National Forest on a well-used trail alongside Warm Springs Creek awaits the geothermal wonder known as Bonneville Hot Springs. The hot springs feature user built rock walled pools with sand/silt bottoms and a private soak shack that houses a cast iron bathtub complete with hot water piping and wooden stopper. Trailhead access can be found at the NW end of the campground of the same name.

Bonneville Hot Springs Pictures

Geothermal overview Early spring pool overhead picture
Lower Hot Pools View of one of the main pools
Hot Springs Pools The largest hot pool at Bonneville
Lower Pools More opportunities late season around the bend
Soak Shack Rustic soak shack
Cast Iron Tub Soak Enjoying the soak shack
Soak Shack Soak shack hot water intake
Enjoying a Hot Soak Enjoying a hot soak
Hot Springs Outflow Hot water outflow leading down to the pools
Bonneville Hot Springs Private Shack Soak shack in steam
Soak Shack Carvings Soak shack carvings
Winter Hot Pools Wintertime soaking
Wintertime Hot Springs Main pool during winter
Bonneville Hot Springs Campground Sign Roadside sign
Bonneville Early Spring Main pool early spring
Bathtub Hot Soak Inside the soak shack
Round the Bend Pool Late season round the bend pool
Hot Springs Waterfall Hot waterfall fed pools
Large Natural Pool Early spring main pool
Large Pool Overview Overview of the main hot pool

Bonneville Hot Springs Directions

Bonneville Hot Springs Campground is located 19 miles SE of Lowman off State Highway 21 and is also past Kirkham and Tenmile, but before Sacajawea. The turnoff to the campground is signed as is the trailhead for the hot springs. Expect a hosted, full campground and packed hot springs May through September. All other times the campground is typically closed and entrance gated, extending the hike in by about a mile. Campground and day use fees apply during the open season.

Check availability/make campground reservations



Bonneville Hot Springs Campground opens mid to late April, on occasion May (depending on snow levels) and closes in October or November. When the campground is closed and snow brim prevents parking at the gate, use the parking area for the Warm Springs Trailhead located just before the turnoff to Bonneville. Make sure to check road conditions before departing on your adventure. There is a trail from the parking area that intersects with Bonneville campground, or you can just walk down the road to the official entrance. Snowshoes or skies are recommended when snow is on the ground.


On-site developed park and hike-in sites available seasonally. Other National Forest developed and primitive camping sites/areas are also available nearby.


Bonneville Hot Springs Soak Stats

  • Season: All (campground closed during winter)
  • Access Type: Hike
  • Public Land: Boise National Forest
  • Elevation: 4,700 ft
  • Water Temperature: Varies
  • Nearest City: Lowman
  • Usage Level: Heavy
  • Avg. pH: 7-8