ID HS: Lower Indian Bathtub Hot Springs in Idaho

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03.27.03: Semi-Easy River Crossing

03.27.03: There it is!
General Area: Bruneau River
Near: Bruneau, ID
Elevation: 2,800 ft


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This HS proved to be a bit of a trick to find... at least for me it was. Luckily I was armed with my new best friend... my trusty GPS. In all actuality, if I would have followed my directions correctly I would have ended up on a washed-out road anyway. As luck would have it, my GPS coordinates were off. However, a bit of hiking around eventually brought me to a crest above the Bruneau River where I was able to spot the HS on the other side.... *sigh* Unfortunately, by the time we found this one the sun was beating down and the daytime temps influenced us to only soak our legs. I look forward to revisiting this HS in the future.
Rating: C+



Temperature n/a
Water Clarity Semi-Clear
Usage Light
Pool Condition Rock-walled with a semi-soft bottom with the occasional rock
Visibility Low during non-float season / High during float season
Bug Factor Slight amount of medium sized flies
Wildlife Sighted Handful of deer
Seasonal Notes Road could turn into muck-pots in rain (4x4 recommended) / road may be washed out, if so, you may drive up to the other side of the HS and ford the Bruneau River