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Home: Education: Geothermal Energy Resources Guide (GERG)
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The geothermal energy potential beneath our feet is vast. This tremendous resource amounts to 50,000 times the energy of all oil and gas resources in the world.

- U.S. Department of Energy, Geothermal Technologies Program, November 2004

Welcome to the Geothermal Energy Resources Guide (GERG)

Idaho is a state loaded with geothermal activity; this resource guide has been designed as a learning tool to aid educators and anyone interested in learning about geothermal energy.

GERG Overview
  • Introduction to Geothermal Energy
  • Digging Deeper - Further Exploring Geothermal Energy
  • History
  • Generation of Electricity
  • Direct Uses
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Geothermal Uses/Users
  • Geothermal/Renewable Energy Financial Resources
  • Geothermal Map Resources

Introduction to Geothermal Energy

The Geothermal Education Office has prepared an excellent 'Introduction to Geothermal Energy Slideshow' that can be viewed online. Click on the picture to the right to launch the slideshow.

The 122 slides cover geology, exploration and drilling, generation of electricity, direct uses, geothermal heat pumps, uses of geothermal energy and finally energy and the environment.

Introduction to Geothermal Energy Slideshow

Launch Slideshow

Provided by the Geothermal Education Office
View slideshow contributors I Order Slides

Educator Tip: Watch the slideshow with your class, pausing after each slide for reflection and comments. After the slideshow, visit Ask G. Arthur Mole, where G. Arthur Mole answers questions sent in by children. Go through the questions and answers, then see if your class has any questions they would like to send to G. Arthur Mole.

Digging Deeper - Further Exploring Geothermal Energy

The following resource sections below further explore the various categories of geothermal energy.

= media link (slideshow, video, animation, interactivity etc.)


  • History of Geothermal Energy
    Starting in 1904 with the first geothermal power plant in Italy and ending with the 2003 Utah Geothermal Working Group

Generation of Electricity

Direct Uses

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal Uses/Users

Geothermal/Renewable Energy Financial Resources

Geothermal Map Resources:

GERG References:


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No Soap, Shampoo or BIO-Soap/Shampoo Allowed in Hot Springs! Avoid Being Fined!

Public hot springs are not bathing facilities and do not have 'plumbing' like that of commercial, improved hot springs. Soap and shampoo (including biodegradable soap and shampoo) do not completely breakdown naturally. This pollutes our water systems (ingested by fish, animals, humans) at or near the source. This is also illegal in most wilderness and public lands areas.

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